Roxanne and the Voodoo Rockers




Roxanne & The Voodoo Rockers is New England's finest collection of musicians playing a blend of rock and r&B classics, electric blues, and swing, held together with their own touch of magic. The band is based in the Southern New Hampshire, USA and typically performs in venues throughout the New England area.

The band features vocalist Roxanne Mann, who has been singing and fronting bands for the past 30 years. Her powerful vocal and stage presence will cast a spell on you and will leave you coming back for more! The Voodoo Rockers consists of John Mann - guitar and vocals,Gary Calderone on saxophone, Don Boucher on drums and Mike Cloutier on bass.. The band's solid rhythm section lays down the foundation that you soul and your toes can't resist, while the guitar will get your Mojo working! You can always be pleasantly surprised as special guests join the band. Check out the Hall of Fame for more information about our special guests!

Roxanne Mann - Vocals

Roxanne has been singing for as long as she can remember. Listening and singing along to her parents vinyl record collection and writing her first songs at age 12 when she put together her first all girl acapella group and put on neighborhood shows. As a teenager, she studied with the legendary vocal instructor, Joseph Pielecki and more recently trained with Jeannie Deva in Boston, Massachusetts. Her first professional gig was singing classic rock with the Coupe DeVille Band in the early 80's. After a short break and then rejoining the band in 90's, guitarist Dale Stubbs introduced her to the blues. Some of her favorite female blues singer influences include Big "Mama" Thornton, Koko Taylor, Ruth Brown, Francine Reed and Etta James, among others. Rock influences are from singer song writers Carol King, Rickie Lee Jones, Karla Bonoff and rock groups like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Tom Petty. Roxanne fronted The Coupe DeVille Band from 1981 - 2001, and won second place in the 2001 Harpers Ferry Battle of the Bands Blues Contest. In August 2002, she formed the Voodoo Rockers with her husband, John Mann.

John "The Voodoo Doctor" Mann - Guitar & Vocals

John is Georgia born and New York City raised. "The Voodoo Doctor" lives and breathes the blues 24 - 7 and has been playing guitar for over 30 years. His major influences are the Three Kings among others. When he plays his guitar, you know you're listening to the real deal. In the today's vast sea of guitarists who try to impress you with a constant flurry of notes, John reminds you that it's not how fast or how many notes you play… but what you say with each note. He has shared the stage with J. Geils and Magic Dick of the J. Geils Band, James Montgomery, Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson, TJ Wheeler, KD Bell and Sweet Roy Jones. John fronted Voodoo Blues, one of New Hampshire's foremost blues bands from 1992 thru 2002. In August 2002, he teamed up with his wife, Roxanne Mann, to form The Voodoo Rockers.

Gary Calderone - Sax/Harp

Raised in Newton, Massachusetts, Gary won a contest and prize was the London Muddy Waters Session with Carey Bell playing on harp. Gary was hooked and he ran out and bought a C-harp and started blowing sounds. Years later living in New Hampshire he played with local favorite Howard Randall and the Bottom Dollar Blues Band, on and off with Jerry Paquette and the Kantu Blues Band and three years with the Tom Ballerini Band. During the Kantu years, he began a lifelong friendship with Jerry Paige who plays a mean saxophone. One night Paige was doing his thing on sax and the people were standing up clapping and screaming. That's when Gary turned to Paige and said "show me how to play that thing"! As Gary puts it, "here I am, still trying to playing that thing". When John and Roxanne asked Gary if he would like to come over to their place and jam, of course he said yes. So, in 2011, Gary became a Voodoo Rocker and began making history.

Mike Cloutier - Bass

A self taught musician fresh out of the Army, Mike first started banging on the drums and quickly switched to bass. "I just like how it sounds", says Mike. Born and raised in Manchester, NH, Mike joined up with various local artists, first playing classic rock, then blues with that funkiness tossed in that lets you know who's on stage. Before joining the Voodoo Rockers in the spring of 2013, Mike was most recently with the Just Us Band, the Tom Ballerini Blues Band, and Ricky B and the Bluezone. Mike has also shared the stage with kd Bell, Sweet Roy Jones, and TJ Wheeler. Influences include Berry Oakley from Allman Brothers Band, Donald Duck Dunn from the Blues Brothers Band, and James Jamieson from the Motown sound.

Don Boucher - Drums

Anyone who knows Don, quickly realizes he is passionate about playing drums. Taking lessons at an early age, he was influenced by the Rock and Roll of the time – Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and the Who. Since his children have grown and moved on, Don has renewed his dedication. Over the past few years and under the tutelage of Tony Noterfonzo, Don continues to hone his craft. Many of you have heard him say, “This is a hobby gone wild!” Along with Don’s desire and hard work, he has found a home with Roxanne and the Voodoo Rockers. He enjoys the mix and providing entertainment for all those who love Classic Rock and the Blues. This isn't a hobby anymore.